Thai Fluency Schedule

NOTE: Starting September 16th, AUA Thai classes will be temporarily held at AUA Esplanade Kae-Rai branch. Lessons will run Mon-Thu from 11AM -5PM.

The Fluency Course is unique in that students are able to create a schedule which fits his or her particular needs. A student’s schedule may change from day to day. Simply enroll for the number of hours you wish to purchase and then attend on the days and times of your choice!

We offer classes at the following times:

Monday through Thursday from 9, 10, 11AM, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4PM

Please Note: Except for Reading & Writing Classes, you may enroll and begin study

at any time/date we offer classes.

Lessons are offered for students of all levels at every hour. Lessons begin every hour on the hour and last 50 minutes each. Due to our unique, immersion-style approach, students are able to design a schedule that works for them and are not required to attend at the same time every day or even every week.

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The AUA Thai Language Program is now being operated online by ALG. Go to ALG Thai Online for more information.