Student Comments

I studied Thai at AUA under Dr. Brown in 1987-88-89.ย I believe it was 6 months total. Aprox. 600 hrs. over the three years. I was coming and going during those years and as you stated I didn’t forget. In those days Dr. Brown was very vehement about students speaking Thai too soon. fortunately I listened to him and spoke very little during those years, subsequentlyย I met a Thai women and my daughter was born in Thailand in 1991. In 1995 I brought her and her mother to the Atlantic City area and today my daughter is a freshman at LMU in LA.

I’ve been back and forth occasionally during that time but only for upcountry visits to Tak where my wife’s family is. I was glad to hear the program is going strong and hope that I may return and study again one day.

One day in 1989 Dr. Brown informed me he was going to learn Mandarin Chinese. He got two of the Thai teachers, Anong and another and started listening 1-2 hours per day. I went back to see him around 1994 or so and and asked how the Chinese was going ? He said “Great, its been five years and I haven’t said a word yet”

Anyway, I rarely have a problem being understood by a Thai but I do get a little tired of the constant compliments on my language skills. I’ll try and visit next time I pass through.


Coming to AUA is one of the best decisions I have made since I came to Thailand. My only regret is that I did not come sooner than I did 🙂 The programme enables the student to learn about Thai culture too – the language is always in a context. For those who have the time, I can recommend the programme wholeheartedly. Your teaching staff are brilliant. Keep up the good work.


I want you to know that i have the very fondest of memories of AUA, and of the classes that i took there in 1991


The long range development … is nothing short of phenomenal, [my] understanding and pronunciation have progressed immensely without any other learning since my pilot study. I feel Crosstalk is the only way for her [me] to learn because it is so easy.

English Student

Just returned to Thailand after 5 years away in the west, and am right back into ALG Thai at AUA. …the classes seem really excellent, …very entertaining and enjoyable lessons as usual.

Thai Student

Going to AUA was one of the best decisions I made after coming to Thailand. It has taught me so much about Thai people and Thai culture. I have also met some good friends here. If you have the aptitude and the time, go for it! There are other methods about, these may be more suitable for some people with limited time and availablilty. But one of the great aspects of ALG is that once language is “acquired”, it remains, even if (or perhaps because of?) one is out of the country or one does not speak Thai for some months.


I studied at AUA Natural Programme in 1988-89 and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great. Without AUA, I would not have studied Thai. Later, I took the P6 examination and continued to study Thai at Master Level in Hamburg before I moved to SOAS in London and studied other subjects. In my experience and opinion, those that stuck with the AUA natural (automatic) programme distinguish themselves with a very good pronounciation and ability to differentiate tones – even though they studied when they were adults.


Indeed, your classes are not what I expected. In fact, they are much better than I expected.

CH – Jan 2011

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