Our Method

“Despite the fact that we’ve all acquired at least one language without classes, teachers, study, dictionaries, and homework, it still seems incredible to many people that humans can acquire a language without those things!”


We have a few videos of alumni who’ve learned Thai using this approach – if you don’t know the language being spoken. it’s still good to notice the natural use of the language anyway. You can find those videos on our ALGWorld Channel on YouTube.

Dr. J. Marvin Brown

The founder of ALG World and of the Thai Program at AUA wrote a book entitled, “From the Outside In” which is both an autobiography and history of the beginnings of this approach. He was not only a brilliant scientist, but he was also very interesting in terms of his perspective on many things. This book is offered here free as a pdf download. More than one student has commented that this book should be required reading for everyone enrolled in the Thai Program at AUA.

For interesting thoughts and references regarding this approach, I recommend my blog on ALGWorld and the ALGWorld Archives.

The AUA Thai Language Program is now being operated online by ALG. Go to ALG Thai Online for more information.