AUA Reading and Writing Course

“If you want to Speak well … Listen,
If you want to Write well … Read”


On May 16th, 2013 we introduced our brand new Introduction to Reading and Writing Class. This is a fun and natural way to get into reading and writing Thai. This class will run for six weeks and is designed to allow students the opportunity to ‘play’ with the written language. The class is the fun and natural way to lead into an academic study of written Thai. Students will come away with an understanding of the sounds of all prominent letters and have the ability to read and write short words.

WHO Qualifies for this class?

If you are in our Intermediate level or higher and haven’t studied reading and writing before you are the perfect candidate for this class.

This class includes such things as:

  • following along while the teacher reads (natural reading)
  • playing with letters to make up words
  • practice writing letters beautifully
  • learning to spell your name and address
  • learning to spell all the nicknames of Thai people you know
  • games based on reading and/or writing
  • worksheets from Thai preschool curriculum


The AUA Thai Reading and Writng Regular Program is an integrated part of our Thai Fluency Course. If you are enrolled in the Fluency Course, it’s not necessary to study Reading and Writing separately. It is designed for students who have an understanding equivalent of Advanced or higher (or you have completed at least 30 hours in the Introduction to Reading and Writing Course). Though our program is designed for those who have studied with us from the start, we also accept students with various backgrounds. The first three writing levels use the textbooks below. They may be purchased at our center. Following this, students progress to Levels 4 and 5, and ultimately to the government equivalency examination for which we offer a special preparation class.

Check to see if you qualify for our RW Course

Outside students should be able to carry on an average conversation in Thai before they begin the R/W Program. You may do a self-test by looking at one or our Advanced (Levels 5-10) videos. If you find the conversations easy to follow, you probably qualify for our Reading and Writing Program

RW Schedule – 2019

  • 07 January – 15 February
  • 18 February – 29 March
  • 01 April – 15 May
  • 16 May – 28 June
  • 01 July – 15 August
  • 16 August – 30 September (Start of the Government Thai Competency Exam Preparation Course)
  • 01 October – 15 November
  • 16 November – 14 December

Thai Language Competency Preparation Course

…is for advanced writing students who wish to pass the Thai Language equivalence examination. This test is offered yearly in November by the Ministry of Education. Our preparation course for this exam begins on 16 August.


These videos are available for free and include the main content of each class hour. They can be used for review or as a self-study program. They should be used together with the books below. Our videos are creative commons licensed.


The following books are available for order and are used with the videos

TH฿ 300.00
TH฿ 300.00

(For information regarding CDs for AUA’s Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3, please contact: Dr. Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong; Department of Indo-Pacific Lgs and Lits. Spalding 255, 2540 Maile Way ;University of Hawaii’i-Manoa Honolulu, Hawaii 96822)


The AUA Thai Language Program is now being operated online by ALG. Go to ALG Thai Online for more information.