Assessment is an ongoing natural process here. We don’t use tests in any formal sense.


When a student arrives, we ask a few questions to gain an idea of his or her background in the Thai language. Then, we make an educated guess as to what the appropriate level might be, and the prospective student attends a class at that level. Upon receiving feedback from the student after an hour of observation, we are able to gain a much better idea as to what level group is most appropriate.


Once a student begins attending classes, teachers begin to observe the student’s repsonses & attention to the subject. Through these observations, our teachers are then able to gain an idea of how much a student is understanding and whether or not he or she is gaining that understanding through tranlsation or through what’s happening in each hour. These assessments are made every 2 to 3 weeks and are compiled to form the basis for our ALGie Chart.

The ALGie chart shows where a student is along their path of language acquisition and are available upon request once a student has completed about 100 hours. For more information on this process, please see

The AUA Thai Language Program is now being operated online by ALG. Go to ALG Thai Online for more information.